Level 3, 15 Credits. 

Pre-Requisite: CE3001

Outcome Statement

Students will apply knowledge of circuit protection, electrical drawing conventions, switching circuits and lighting.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  1. Explain the principles and operation of circuit protection components and systems (3 credits)
  2. Select and install circuit protection components in accordance with current legislation (3 credits).
  3. Apply industry symbols and conventions to produce a variety of electrical drawings. (3 credits).
  4. Design and construct power switching circuits (3 credits).
  5. Outline the operating principles, design and installation requirements of a variety of lighting systems (3 credits)


Include but not limited to:

  • Construction, operation, ratings and applications of common circuit protection devices.
  • RCD classifications, ratings and applications.
  • Installation of fuse element replacements.
  • Selection and installation of common circuit protection devices.
  • Protection in hazardous areas.
  • Electrical drawing conventions and symbols
  • Power switching circuits
  • Lighting systems

Note: This course has a pre-requisite of ENCE3001 which includes electrical safety because in this course students may be working on live electrical equipment.