Level 3, 15 Credits

Pre-Requisite: CE3001

Outcome Statement

Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of theories underpinning the operation of transformers, electrical machines, and isolation procedures.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  1. Explain the operation and use of capacitance and inductance as it relates to single phase motors (3 credits).
  2. Explain the construction and operation of single-phase transformers (3 credits).
  3. Install and run single-phase AC induction motors (4 credits).
  4. Document and describe isolation and recommissioning procedures for electrical machinery fittings and equipment (5 credits).


Include but not limited to:

  • The effect of inductance and capacitance in an AC circuit.
  • Construction, operation, safe handling and legislative requirements for capacitors.
  • Power factor and power factor correction requirements associated with AC motors.
  • Construction, operation and applications of common single-phase transformers.
  • DOL motor starting
  • Components, construction and operation of various single-phase induction motors.
  • Isolating and recommissioning electrical machines, equipment and installations.
  • Workplace documentation.

Note: This course has a pre-requisite of ENCE3001 which includes electrical safety because in this course students may be working on live electrical equipment.