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Moodle server storage upgraded

Moodle server storage upgraded

by Yong Liu -
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Moodle server storage upgraded

Dear all,

upgraded our Moodle server storage from late night on Friday (27/05/2011) till early morning 2:00am on Saturday (28/05/2011). This upgrade would improve the performance and stability of our Moodle system. During this period of time, the server was not available. We are sorry for the interruption and inconvenience it caused.

As before, nothing has been changed for your course contents as well as enrolments as this is just purely an infrastructure little upgrade.

Should you find any problem please just contact us at 8577 (Nicoletta) or 8174 (Yong).

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind regards

Te Puna Ako
Unitec Institute of Technology