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Urgent: Moodle Storage Upgrade

Urgent: Moodle Storage Upgrade

Yong Liu -
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Moodle Storage Upgrade

Between 4:00am to 12:00 midday tomorrow, Easter Friday

Due to the increased popularity and demands on this Moodle system, and looking forwards to the requirements for the Moodle 2.x upgrade on July 9th, we will be performing a major disk space upgrade on this Easter Friday, 6th April (tomorrow). We will commence work at 4:00am and testing suggests we should be comfortably finished by midday, 12pm.

During this period of time, we will need to shut down and restart Moodle server to make the physical changes.

Moodle will effectively be unavailable during this time. Hopefully we will be the only ones up at 4am using the system... besišypsantis

All contents on this site will
remain unchanged.

For any inquiry or concern, please email Yong Liu.

Thank you. Have a wonderful Easter break.

e-Learning Team
Te Puna Ako
Unitec Institute of Technology