Course aim - Students will identify the distinct history, role, values, culture and characteristics of the not for profit (NFP) sector in Aotearoa and internationally, and of their own organisation in particular. They will analyse management and leadership of organisations within this sector and contrast this with management in a business or government context. Students analyse what this means for their own approach to management, leadership and their learning on this programme.

Aim - This course equips students with the analytical and practice skills needed to participate in, create and sustain workplace teams. Effective meeting facilitation processes and skills and presentation skills will be developed. Focus will be on the development of culturally appropriate and ethical communication skills to enhance relationship building through the exploration of group and team processes. This includes developing critical skills of organisational conflict analysis and practical skills of negotiation.

Aim - To enable managers to exercise ethical stewardship over an organisation's financial assets and the management of the costs of providing services.
Aim - To enable managers and leaders to identify and analyse funding and revenue generating opportunities and the associated requirements, costs, difficulties, potential and sustainability.

This Course aims

To enable participants to appreciate the wider societal context and contribution of not-for-profit organisations.In particular participants will identify and analyse opportunities and pitfalls in maintaining external stakeholder relationships, in achieving social change and influence, and in working collaboratively with other organisations and across sectors.

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