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End of Semester Notice

End of Semester Notice

von Yong Liu -
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End of Semester Notice

Dear all,

Semester 1 will finish on 25/06/2010 and semester 2 will start on 19/07/2010. Please pay attention on the following things:

Students enroled into semester 1 courses that use automatic enrolment will be unenrolled on 16/07/2010.


Please backup your course content, export your students' grades and save them in your local computer or H drive for the further use. As soon as the students are unenroled from a course, all their grades will be disappeared from this course but the discussion forums will not be changed. For courses that span semester 1 and 2, if the students enrolment do not change, their grades will not be changed.

Teachers who manually enroled their student into the course(s), please remember to manually unenrol them as well.


Please backup your forum and blog posts and grade. You will not have access to your forum post and course grade if you are unenroled from this course.

To ensure the same user account to be used in the future (to keep your blog post and other personal info), please put your student ID number in your profile which will neither be shown to your classmates nor to your teachers but can be recognized by the automatic enrolment script.

Students enroled into semester 2 courses that use automatic enrolment will be enrolled on 19/07/2010.


Please make sure you have set the correct course ID in your course settings to automatically enrol your students. Otherwise please manually enrol/unenrol your students yourselves.

For any inquiry or help, please send email to Tabitha Roder (ext 7043) or Yong Liu (ext 8174).

Happy Moodling!

eLearning Team
Te Puna Ako
Unitec New Zealand